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Grace Ministries Foundation Thailand (GMFT) was established in 1996 when Charles and Yoke Fong Harvey assumed the leadership of a program called Women with a Vision. Founded in 1991 by American Leona Karni, the ministry existed to provide viable alternatives to sexual and labor exploitation for girls from impoverished families.

Refashioned as a new entity, GMFT, situated in the district of Krasang in the Northeast Thailand province of Buriram, soon began to care for both girls and boys while also seeking an ever-increasing investment in its surrounding community. Since 1996, GMFT has been privileged to:

  • Care for more than 200 girls and boys from the poorest provinces in Thailand.
  • Aid to a great many impoverished families.
  • The Saitanrak Church in 2000 to meet spiritual needs and reach out to the surrounding community.
  • Our own farm, Eden, in 2009 and continue to cultivate it for the benefit of our children and staff as well as the surrounding community. [1]
  • The Lomkao Girls Home in 2009 for girls of the Tin Tribe in the district of Lom Kao in the Northern Thailand province of Phetchabun. [2]
  • The Nasaung Kindergarten in 2009 for children of the Tin Tribe in Nasaung Village in in the Northern Thailand province of Phetchabun. [3]
  • Bethel House in 2005 for the older girls in our care.
  • Bethesda House in 2006 for the older boys in our care.
  • Bethany House in 2008 to accommodate our staff.
  • Bethlehem House in 2013 for the young children in our care.
  • Several vital international partnerships including:
  • Foundation status in 2009 in Thailand. [4]
  • 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2014 in the United States (Grace Ministries Thailand in Tualatin, Oregon; pending).

[1] At 19.2 acres, Eden gives us the opportunity to move closer to self-sufficiency. We are currently growing rice (Thailand’s staple food), vegetables, fish, livestock, pigs, ducks and chickens. GMFT is now self-sufficient in rice, and we are privileged to give at least 10% of the land’s yield to the poorest in our community.

[2] In May 2011 the girls from the Lomkao Girls' Home were transferred to the GMFT campus in Krasang, Buriram.

[3] In May 2011 GMFT handed over the kindergarten in Nasaung village to the Thai Ministry of Education.

[4] Foundation status provides governmental validation of GMFT's vital contribution to its respective communities of influence as well as to the nation as a whole. As a foundation, GMFT now wields a greater capacity to aid local schools, collaborate internationally, partner with municipalities and more.

Hands preparing a Thai meal comprised of lemongrass and galangal and other ingredients, composed on a straw mat

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