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Our Mission

Grace Ministries Foundation Thailand (GMFT) provides education scholarships (1st grade through university) to children and young adults from deprived backgrounds at risk of labor and/or sexual exploitation. In a loving family setting, we give our children the nurture, training and equipping they need to participate fully in God's beautiful plans for them.

Our Vision

GMFT wants the children and families we serve to be:


…from sexual and labor exploitation.


…from a worldview that tells them they are of little value because of poverty or inadequate education.

…from a worldview that communicates that women are inferior to men.

…from poverty and the pervasive debt mentality that leads to fractured families and social problems of all kinds.


…to lead lives that are honest, pure, transparent and accountable.


…as well-adjusted, well-educated adults to become husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, church leaders and leading members of society.

Core Values

GMFT is founded on and motivated by its core Christian values* of:


Each individual has the right to be free, to be safe, to daily sustenance, to a place to live and to a good education.

Future Hope

Each individual has the right to a future filled with hope and to adequately preparation for full participation in that future.


Regardless of how difficult or deprived one's past, through God’s love all people can be restored to a vital, whole and healthy life.


The essence of Christianity is to reach our greatest potential in loving and serving God and our neighbors and equipping others to do likewise.

Lifestyle Values Guiding Our Work

We believe that a close, intimate relationship with God is to be valued, nurtured and maintained before all else, including ministry and work.

We believe God has called us to be a “priesthood of believers.” As we minister to God through pure worship, we are empowered to live godly lives in service to others.

We believe in a lifestyle that requires much time alone with our Heavenly Father in prayer, worship and study of the Word of God.

We foster leadership in all our children, according to each individual’s ability, encouraging them to become leaders in their homes, churches and society.

Our homes encourage the reading of good books and the appreciation of good music; these impart strength to our spiritual lives and assist in the development of godly discernment.

We pray for a willingness to die to self, selfishness and the lusts of the flesh and the world; we desire to grow into Christlikeness in His wisdom, understanding, knowledge and discretion.

We encourage our children and young people to pursue excellence in their spiritual and academic lives.

We place great emphasis on honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability and personal purity.


GMFT is equally committed to the many in our care who hold other religious beliefs or worldviews.

Yoke Fong Harvey comforting a child in the care of Grace Ministries Foundation Thailand with a loving embrace

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