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A portrait of the GMFT staff
A portrait of Yao

Yao Assistant Director and Bethel Housemother

Yao was born into a poor Buddhist and animist family, deeply in debt. When she graduated primary school, her parents could not afford to send Yao to secondary school; besides, as a girl she was considered not important enough to invest in her further education. Providentially, Yao was the only girl in her primary school who received a scholarship from the work that would become GMFT.

After secondary school Yao attended Bible College to gain a Biblical understanding of how to help the poor and underprivileged. She is passionate about protecting children from exploitation and has worked at GMFT for more than nine years.

Yao serves as Assistant Director of GMFT and housemother of Bethel House. She will complete her Open University degree in English in 2014.

A portrait of Witoon

Witoon Bethesda House-father and Pastor of Saitanrak Church

Witoon was born into a Christian family, but his father died when he was seven years old. Witoon and his stepfather did not get along, and at 15, Witoon moved to Bangkok.

After two years of abusing alcohol and tobacco, Witoon changed the direction of his life, and in 2001 he began Bible College. After graduation Witoon went to work at GMFT. He and his wife, Ewe, are houseparents in the Bethesda House, the boys’ home at GMFT. Witoon wants Thai boys to become responsible young adults with good jobs and healthy families. He wants to change Thailand’s history by raising up a generation of men who respect women and reject alcohol abuse and all of the traps into which many Thai men fall.

Witoon is gifted in agriculture and supervises Eden, the GMFT farm. Eden has afforded GMFT self-sufficiency in rice, while also providing chickens, pigs and fish and vegetables. Witoon is currently working on an Open University degree in Agriculture.

A portrait of Ewe

Ewe Bethesda Housemother and Wife of Witoon

Ewe was born into a Buddhist family. When she was six years old, her mother passed away, and her father remarried, leaving Ewe and her two-year-old sister with their grandmother, who was very poor.

From the age of 12, Ewe lived at GMFT and completed secondary school. She chose not to go to university, but stayed and assisted the housemother of the girls’ home. She wanted to help the girls see their value, know that God’s love could heal their hearts and not feel abandoned like she once felt. Ewe and her husband, Witoon, serve as house parents in Bethesda House (the boys’ home at GMFT).

Ewe’s vision for the boys in her care is that they will become men of character and leaders in their homes and society. She also delights in helping girls become well-educated, confident, and whole.

Ewe has an Open University degree in Public Administration.

A portrait of Jim

Jim Bethlehem Co-Housemother

As a married mother of two children of her own, Jim brings much valuable life experience to our staff. She serves as co-housemother of Bethlehem House.

A portrait of Banyat

Banyat Bethlehem Co-Housemother

A recent addition to our staff, Banyat is married and has a 15-year-old daughter. She is bringing her love for the Lord and her experience as a wife and mother to Bethlehem House.

A portrait of David

David Bethlehem House Staff

David is Charles’ and Yoke Fong’s son. Growing up in Thailand, India, and Ireland has given him a unique understanding of both Eastern and Western mindsets. He works with the children in Bethlehem House and wherever else he is needed.

A portrait of Doi

Doi Bethesda House Staff

A gifted teacher, Doi joined the staff in 2013. He tutors the children in math and physics, and the younger children especially enjoy the games he creates for them. We appreciate his input into our children’s lives and his growing contribution to the leadership team.

A portrait of Baa

Baa Staff

Baa is married and has three children. Her servant heart is much appreciated by the staff and children at GMFT. She serves in both Bethel and Bethlehem Houses.

A portrait of Charles Harvey

Charles Harvey Codirector and ”Dad“

Charles comes from Castlerea, County Roscommon, in Ireland and was formerly an Irish Army officer who served with the UN in Lebanon from 1982 to 1983. Charles and his wife, Yoke Fong, have directed GMFT since 1996.

Charles is passionate about protecting children from sexual abuse. He emphasizes the need for a quality education for both genders as the way out of the poverty and debt that greatly contribute to the sex and labor industries in Thailand. He is equally passionate about nurturing young people to become leaders in their homes, churches, workplaces and in every area of Thai society.

A portrait of Yoke Fong Harvey

Yoke Fong Harvey Codirector and “Mum”

Yoke Fong, a Chinese Malaysian, trained as a nurse in London and also studied midwifery. Charles and Yoke Fong Harvey have directed GMFT since 1996.

Yoke Fong excels in loving the children in our care. Her selflessness is inspirational to the staff and children of GMFT, and her nursing background is invaluable in looking after our medical needs. She is “Mum” to many of our children who have been abandoned by their own mothers.

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